Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Almost a year...

I am obviously really good at posting and updating my blog, so since I am so good at it! I am going to post something!
* Alot has changed in the last year but Ill keep it short! I am teaching at a school for high functioning autism, I have been there for over a year now and I absolutely love it! My job is right down the street and I get to walk there every day! Which I am on a break right now the bonus of being on a school schedule!

* Andy is working for a sheet metal company out in Sebastopol and work has been really busy and consistent. We are really thankful

* I am going back to school at the JC--very part time-- starting to knock of some of my prerequisites for dietary/ nutritionist program

*We got to vacation with my family this summer in Sunriver, OR for a whole week and it was wonderful. My parents, my sister, brother in law and their 3 kids (and another due in sept.)! It is really fun to be an aunt by the way!

* Tosha moved down here about 3-4 months ago and that has been really fun!
* Marcus and Jenny are getting married this Sept. and Sam and Kim just got married this last weekend! Luke and Shelby get back in about a month, and Bekah and Zeke are moving back to Cali for a bit!

*HMMM... the San Fan Giants are studs this year, and Andy and I spend alot of time routing them on!

*One of the best things is we have finally found a church that we absolutely adore! We have been there for about a year and have had a chance to really get involved! We have both done Bible Studies, I am being discipled and Andy is playing softball with the men. It has been so sweet to be a part of the body of Christ, fellowshipping and growing in our faith with all ages. We love our pastor and his family, who happens to be our Aunt Shannon's bests friends husband ( WOW follow that one)!

* We put together a coed softball team in Santa Rosa with a lot of our closest friends and family; Tosha, Marcus, Jenny, Jed, Nicole, Michael, Kimee, Gabe, Brett, and Kyle! It was a blast, we dominated pretty soundly and were undefeated, if we do it again we will try to get in a more competitive league! I am playing softball also with my co workers and we are also having a blast and I am loving getting to know people better outside of work!

Ok that's all I said I'd keep it short and I failed!

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