Thursday, July 23, 2009

Life is interesting right now... Random thoughts

I am sitting at home and have just gotten home from work. Life is interesting right now, Andy is doing odds and end jobs up in Potter, and because it is and hour and a half drive he stays up there every other night. When he does get home he gets home late, and I feel like we barely get to see eachother. I know it is just a stage of life, we are both working hard to make ends meet, but we both so badly want to find jobs that we love and that are consistent! I am thinking about going back to school, I think I want to become a registered dietitian... it would be a few more years of school, but I think it would be something I would really enjoy! It is going to take a lot of figuring out, because the only school in the area that offers a dietics program is in San Fran and Id have to figure what classes I could do at the JC. Needless to say Tosha is coming down next week, and my sister and her family are coming down a week later. I always have to remind myself when things are tough that it is only for a time and that God is good... He always provides and He is always teaching me things, even when I dont feel like I want to learn them! I am reading "Ragamuffin Gospel" right now and it is such a good reminder that I dont have to put on a pretty face for God, He knows just who I am and where my heart is, when it is in the right place and when it isnt! Either way He takes me just as I am and forgives my shortcomings, I cant do anything to earn His love I already have it! I wish that would stick in my brain!

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