Thursday, July 16, 2009

Catching up.....

Life has been a little crazy, where to start it is hard to say! Andy and I have been all over the place in the last few months, after Hawaii with my girlfriends, I went back to work, and within a month dislocated m knee cap and have been off work for 8 weeks!! Has it been in vain, no!! I was on crutches for about 3-4 weeks and we pretty much lived in Potter, and Andy's parents were so gracious and took care of me while Andy was at work, when Andy came home he was so attentive to his wife who literally couldnt do anything for herself, a little humbling!! But during this time, Andy's sister got married, we went camping with a group of our friends, have gotten to hang out wiht Luke and Shelby alot (and I am so excited that they get to go to Korea for a year, but so sad because I am going to miss them so much!!), we went to Reno for Beerfest for a weekend, and just got back from Gold Beach for John and Tarah's wedding! It has been a great time with family and friends and to top it all off, my mommy came and visited me for like 5 days for the 4th, I was a happy girl!! Andy has been working for a bridge builder and is loving it, he is just so creative and so handy that it is right up his ally. In the last year Andy has done carpentry, electrical work, and built bridges! My husband is such a hard worker, whenever work runs out one place he is looking for work somewhere else. Things are still hit and miss so we are praying for the day that income is a bit more consistant! I am still at Starbucks but am starting to apply at differant places and work with kiddos, I just miss them and want to be doing that full time!! If you think of it be praying! Well here are some pics of the recent happenings!

John and Tarah"s Wedding

Andy and bridge building

Must I say anything

Steady Marstine Concert

Kevo and his fatman suit


Gracie's Babies, saw her in April and it was wonderful

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