Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New Adventures with Brooks and Maverix

These are thoughts that I have written about the boys, it is a lot! Nobody is expected to really read them, but I had to start blogging again at some point and I figured it was a good place to have records of at least a few of their milestones. I officially welcome me back to blogging, now I actually have fun things to blog about!

Brooks and Maverix
I realized that I have been a bad mom and have not written alot down about what is happening with my precious boys. I am so in love, I have never witnessed anything as amazing as looking at these beautiful boys. I have been so blessed, and I am still in disbelief that I get to be their mom for the rest of our lives.

Brooks 6/2/11
My firstborn by 6 minutes( 11:27 am), even though I messed up his birth certificate and it says that he was born 2nd. He was sitting low in my tummy and always seemed so mellow and he still is. he was 5 lb 15 oz and 17 3/4 in when he was born and gave me quite the stare down while the dr were cleaning him off! He was a little jaundice but for being born a month early was awesome and healthy. He is my little cuddler, makes baby noises and is just as relaxed as they come. He is definitely Andy's boy. In the mornings when I wake him up, he just smiles, and when he smiles his whole face just lights up, it is incredible and it melts my heart. He has these big eyes that when he is sad and when he is happy, you see it in his soul, it gets me a little. He has brought me to tears several times. He is also my little spit up baby, he burps like crazy and spits up alot, hopefully that stops sooner than later! He had some baby acne and but that has cleared up, but he is still much more fair/ sensitive skinned than his brother, his hair has a tint of red and we wonder how that happened. When Brooks cries it is a laid back single Ahh and when he gets real sad his whole face goes into a pout and he cough cries, it is pretty pathetic, I better get better control of myself because it breaks my heart.

Maverix 6/2/11
My 2nd born (11:33 am) who shot right out and is sure to make his presence known! He was sitting high in my tummy and was always moving, rarely was still and so he is now, so much energy, incredible at working himself up and incredible and overflowing with joy, his body can not sit still as he kick and waves his arms and talks to you. He was 5 lbs and 17 1/2 in and had slight respiratory problems but that cleared up quickly and both boys were able to join us after a night in the intermediate care nursery! Maverix sometimes referred to as spazerix, has been known to really work himself up, and there are only a few people who can calm him down, but this is only on the occasion otherwise he is as funny as they come. He is often found holding his hands together as if he is praying and being a shark when you go to give him his binky, he cant control his spazziness and it brings us lots of laughter. He has dark hair and a little darker skin and oh so little. He is starting to catch up with his brother. Mavs tear ducts haven't opened up yet, so he constantly has eye boogies that we are cleaning up and his nose gets plugged up and he snorts when he gets upset. When he cries there is no halfway, he sqeals high pitched and opens his mouth wide and lets it wail, sometimes you have to laugh because it is so dramatic. He is definately my son, dramatic with emotional highs and lows haha, so sweet!

Speaking of the boys, I need to feed them, every 3 hours, it consumes me! I love it and I hate it!

I guess that any time that I write is better than never, it is definitely hard to steal away moments for myself that lets my mind think and reflect. Both boys are out cold in their swings and after a very long day I am very grateful. I am so in love with these 2 little boys, their smiles and their cuddles melt my heart. They are 12 weeks now, time has really flown by, and I cant believe how big they have gotten. When we went to their 2 month appointment it was discovered that they weren't gaining enough weight at 6 lbs 12 oz and 7 lbs 6 oz(I wasn't producing enough milk for them!) So we started supplementing, what a difference! When we went to go get weighed a week ago Brooks was 8 lbs 15 oz and Mavs was 8lb 6 oz! It felt so good, and it is so good to see their little bodies filling out! They each have the sweetest little roles on their legs and their cheeks have never been more kissable. Both boys are laying on their backs and will just smile and talk to you. Mavs is the chattier of the two but the little Brooks is just content with a little chatting and a lot of big smiles. I can not express what their smiles do to me. They could have thrown a fit for the last hour, yet they smile at me and all is forgotten. I think I am in trouble. They are getting good at tummy time and do not get so frustrated, they lift their little heads up look around and sometimes just lay their hanging out. In the last week they have both found their hands, which results in a lot of drool! Mavs gets so excited to suck on his hands that his face gets covered in drool, and Brooks just sucks on a finger at a time unlike his brother who sucks his whole fist! Their hair is growing in on top, Brooks is still lighter and Mavs has brownish hair (there is not that much). Last night was the first night that no babies ended up in bed with us, I woke up with a start this morning when going to give them their bottle before Andy goes to work, wondering where they were! I then woke Andy up and said there were no babies in our bed and that they slept in their big boy bed! Very nice chunk of uninterrupted sleep! Things are getting a little harder they are eating a ton and both of them will loudly let you know if they have not gotten enough. They are both demanding alot of attention and after they eat they dont want to go lay down and let their brother eat they want to socialize and push off with their legs, bounce, smile and talk with mommy. Its very precious, but whoever eats second usually gets a bit of the shaft for a little while, and mommy is getting less and less time to get things done around here! I am really not sure how moms of twins do it, I feel like I am barely hanging on, I feel like I should have more energy but I don't, the house becomes a mess and though it stresses me out, there is little to do about it. Andy works so hard during the day and helps so much with the boys in the evenings and at night, he is exhausted, anytime he sits down for a few minutes he is snoozing away! Sweet memories, they will only be this small for so long... its hard to imagine what to expect from the future. I am so thankful God is good and that I do not have to do this on my own, I am so blessed by these two little boys!

It rained yesterday and is overcast today, it reminds me of Washington and Oregon! It automatically makes me feel cozy and the need to just veg at home. That is what I do most of the time, mind you, but it is different when it is rainy and overcast. The last few weeks it has been upper 70's all the way to the upper 90's, while I love the sun, it is a little different when you have two 3 month old boys, who should be staying out of it and are uncomfortable in that kind of heat. So it is refreshing to me... if that makes any kind of sense! I get to stay home and cuddle these boys.
Maverix has a little cold right now, and being a first time mommy, it is enough to break my heart. He is still a happy little boy, he is just sleeping alot and seems uncomfortable and at times it seems tricky for him to breath. I am feeling like Brooks and I are spending alot more time together, which is hard, I want it to be equal but Mavs alot of the day and Brooks is awake and demands attention.
The boys are getting so strong standing any chance they can get (well on our laps while we hold on) and loving their johnny jump up (so cute!). Not sure how much they are weighing but my guess is between 10 and 11lbs. They are wearing almost only 0-3 months and a variety of other clothes ( baby sizes are so off the wall, kinda like women's jeans.) We are able to hold them with one hand while they sit up and look around, and it seems to be their favorite position, with mommy or daddy but looking all around. Brooks finally found his voice and he is fascinated with this discovery, making noise any chance he can. He has become quite dramatically vocal and instead of rushing to his rescue, you giggle because it is so cute! We will have to get it on video before it changes. Their hair is falling out, again! Not all of it, just certain spots, but wait in certain spots it is growing in, quite hilarious these old men! Yesterday I sat on the couch with the boys and faced mavs towards Brooks and there the stair down began. They locked eyes, smiled and cooed at each other for 5- 10 minutes, I was in disbelief.... wondering if I was crazy and I was imagining and wishing Andy could see it. Just then the door opens and there is daddy, and he just started laughing as he watched them! It was amazing to see them interact with eachother at a little over 14 weeks. I am amazed at how much they have grown and how little they still are. Mavs had a rough night last night and as a result was in bed with us, usually that conks him right now. Not so much last night, which resulted in me being up very early( so exhausted with 1 hour of sleep!) But after he was done eating he gave me one of his big smiles, saying thanks mommy, your the best, sorry I was such a pill last night (that's what I will take it as at least). Life is good, God has given me so much to be thankful for!


Luke said...

so good to hear how they're doing. We can't believe how much they've grown. Tell them that their aunt and uncle miss them.

Jeremy and Cassie Idler said...

Yeah! Sarah! Thanks for blogging its fun to read how you're doing and how the boys are growing!! :)