Tuesday, November 22, 2011

8 months

My little boys are 8 months old and are changing rapidly!  
- They crawl all over the place, especially chasing Ghetto and Hippy!

 - They are feeding themselves finger foods and making very large messes (pears, bananas, noodles, cheese and puffy things

- They pull themselves up at every chance they get and eventually fall (working on mastering getting down)

- getting up at 7- 730 (bummer) but taking an early morning nap at around 8 or 830 (bonus)!  Still taking morning and afternoon naps

- still chatting away experimenting with all sorts of sounds and combos

- Brooks still loves to growl and make old men noises

- Mavy loves sticking out his tongue and screaming

- If I sit on the ground, it is quite the process to get back up because I get attacked by little monsters and once I move one off me the other one is already attacking!

- They both love to cuddle and I am cherishing every moment

- Mavy has 4 teeth and Brooks has 2

- Daddy coming home is still the highlight of their day

-  Still nursing and supplementing bottles

- Mavs and Brooks were both sick this month... Mavs had the flu and was throwing up and pooping on everything!  I have never felt so helpless in my life, he was so confused and had dry heaves and just sat there cuddled and stared at me.  Brooks just had a temp of 102 for a few days but never got pukey.  They both had snotty noses right now!

-They love going into the nursery at church on Sundays and Tuesday!  They love watching/ playing with the other kids and everyone loves when they show up because they are such good babies (THANK YOU LORD!)

I love these little boys and I love how they love me!  It just keeps getting more and more fun!

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