Thursday, October 20, 2011

 These handsome little boys are now 7 months!  Someone said to me yesterday, "weren't you just pregnant and puking your guts out?!"  Why yes I was, and wasn't it just a few days ago.... more like 7 months ago!!  Never would believe it, unless I had the proof right before my eyes!

15 lbs 6 ounces
25 1/2 in
He loves to bounce, so he is in love with his Johnny Jump up!  He will start bouncing before we even get him in there, just by the sight of it.  This baby is  on the move, he scoots everywhere and really working hard on crawling!  It happened over night, and this mama was not prepared!  His new thing is stinking his tongue out and making fart noises (what a boy) he switches back and forth with just blowing through his lips and sending spit everywhere (what a joy while eating peas to get them in my face and all over the place).  He sleeps through the night, and barely moves, we lay him in bed and he rolls over and that is it for the night.  He wakes up occasionally but will quickly fall back asleep!  He is very social and is always smiling/ giggling!  When I wake him up, his face instantly turns to a smile!  Before Mavy could crawl, Brooks loved stealing from him and would smile while mavs screamed!  Brooks loves to eat, and is not very picky!  As long as I am giving him food he will take it!  Brooks is working real hard on talking "bababababba, mamamamama, dadadadadada" and works really hard at having conversations, moving his mouth and changing his tones to make you understand!

15 lbs 9 ounces
25 in

Just started scooting around, he was a couple of weeks behind Brooks, but he made up for it by rolling all around.  He has 2 teeth on the bottom and they are so cute!  He had a fever about 3 weeks ago after having a cold, and I thought he had the flu!  Turns out his little teethers were trying to come out!  Overall he has been a trooper but there is definitely an added layer of crankiness all day long!  Mavs is also sleeping through then night, but is a moves all over his crib constantly, from one end to the other to the other!  Mavs is still just so goofy, he still gets really excited and screams and growls as he attacks your shoulder and your face.  His new thing is the death grip on your neck while he tries very intensely to eat your face!  It is something you need to experience.  Mavs in his goofy ways chooses a sound he like each week and does it over and over, this week it is a  throaty purr!  Sure he makes other sounds as well, but that is his go to noise this week.  He also pants like a dog when he gets really upset before he screams, what a baby!  ;)  He likes to attack his brothers diaper, and any interaction these to have they just giggle and smile!  Mavs is usually the first one to say uncle and need his mommy!

Both boys are great sleepers, they go to bed between 8 adn 9 and sleep till about 7.  After eating, they will usually go back to bed for awhile, but Mavs has decided that is his new wake up time!  He wants to come wrestle with mommy and daddy's pillows, while mommy tries to sleep a little bit longer!  If the pillows aren't entertainment enough, Ill bring in a few toys!  We usually get up around 8 or 830, change the old diapers and the boys play with each other while I make coffee and their breakfast!  Than breakfast time, we love this time, we just all chat while they eat and I drink coffee! They go play more and then when they start to get cranky we go for a run and they sleep, while I kick my own butt, I love my jogger!  We come back they eat and then eat some more!  Andy's section of work is about 10 minutes away right now so daddy comes home and plays for lunch!  Than they nap!  This is a glorious time, from 2 to 3 hrs they sleep and I get to choose what I want to do!  Usually it is just keeping up on housework, sometimes relaxing, it depends!  Around the time they are waking up and eating, daddy is getting home and the boys could not be more thrilled!  They just watch him, smile and wait for him to come get them!  Evenings are pretty go with the flow, sometimes they fall asleep for a bit, most of the time they just hang out and go where ever we go!  They eat sometime before bed and between 8 and 9, then they go to bed!  They are both so enjoyable right now, interacting and so in love with us!  I love this stage, I love babies, well these sweet boys!  I am so blessed with over all happy babies!   We DEFINITELY have our moments but  they are two baby boys!  I am so thankful for family and friends that love us and love the boys, we could not do it with out them!

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