Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The beauty of yosemite

 Two weekends ago we were able to take a long weekend and take the boys camping in Yosemite National Park.  Andy has wanted to take me here, since we met almost 6 years ago.  So this was my chance and we were able to go with the whole Todd clan!  From Dad and Mom, Luke and Shelby(portland), Zeke and Bekah (Davis), Amanda( Santa Rosa), Ronja and Max (Germany).  It was such a fabulous time, I have never been somewhere so breath taking.  It was like driving into the Land Before Time, anyone remember those movies?  Ya know, Little Foot, Sarah, Petree and the gang!  Anyhow, the boys did great camping!  We got them little Dinosaur suits, nothing to do with me thinking it was like the Land Before Time.  But they were so cute and warm.  Somehow we did not get any pictures of them on our camera, but they are wearing them for Halloween, so they will be seen.  We went on a really beautiful hike, we were gone all day and they boys did great.  We just fed them and changed them as we went along.  It was nice to have all our family, so we just took turns!  Ok, I think the old daddy had one the whole time minus about 15 min. but what are daddy's for!  That night, probably out of exhaustion, the boys had quite the squirmy night.  My normally great sleeping babies, decided between the 2 of them they would be up every hour.  SO, I was up at least every hour.  Until Mavs decided it was time to scream, so I fed him, but Mavs scream resulted in Brooks yelling!  My Brooks baby is as mellow as they come, but home dog was not happy.  He yelled and yelled and yelled!  While I panicked, panicked and panicked!!  Poor baby had real bad gas and a nasty old diaper!  So Andy and I left Mavs with Grandma and ran Brooks to the car ( after scrambling through the bear locker for wipes and gas medicine, darn bears), who was still screaming!  We made it and got him somewhat settled down, but he was wide away and it was 5 am.  So Grandma is up with Mavs, Andy and I are up with Brooks, arguing over who should go rest.  I lost and was sent to bed for a bit!  Which ended in both boys falling asleep for a few more hours, phew!  Did I mention that nobody was up in the campsite before we went to the car, but as we were walking back there were several camps up and at um! OOPS!  I decided they were thinking that is why you do not bring babies camping!! Lets not lie, I was thinking it in the moment!!  Overall like I said they did great, and they normally do while we are camping, but there is a first time for everything!!
Glacier Point

Most of the crew, aside from Bekah and Zeke and the Old Dukey is taking the picture

The men of the family
Daddy and Grampa carrying Brooks and Mavs

Luke and my turn

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Ashley said...

So beautiful it almost doesn't look real. And I must say you have a talented 7 month old. He's standing already ;) Thanks for the post. I always love seeing pics of you and your beautiful family.