Thursday, February 26, 2009

Time with my parents

Andy and I were so blessed to have my parents down here for 5 days! They are such amazing parents and one of the hardest things about being in Santa Rosa is that my parents and sister are so far away! We had such a great time, just relaxing and hanging out! It was sad because it rained down here the whole time which is maybe the 5th time it has rained since being here.. since there is talk about major drout( dont know how to spell that, Ill just go with trout with a d!)
But we had fun anyways! We went to San Francisco one of the days, and even though it rained we had a great time: walking along the wharf, eating Clam Chowder in Sourdough bread Bowls, the guys playing frisbee gold at golden gate park, and my mom and I enjoying Starbucks! We also go a chance to see one of the places my mom grew up... and yes mommy the house is hideous now, I dont blame you for not wanting to take a picture. But it was really cool for me to hear more memories of my moms childhood, that you dont always hear unless u see a place and remember all that happened there! All in all it was a fabulous day in San Fran with the cuz and the fam! Dont mind Marcus in all the pictures!

The guys decided to play frisbee golf because it cleared up but the was an absolute down pour that got them good time, this is them hiding in the bushes to get out of the rain!

Andy wants to get this blown up... he said that people can take it however they like, I wonder what he was thinking!!

Us and the cats, my mom wanted to pictures of us and out little family... hippy wasnt haven in, but ghetto as usual was chill!

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Andrew and Kathleen Finch said...

I love your hair!!! I hope that you are doing well and I am glad that your parents came down to visit. I like the picture of you and Andy kissing in front of the GGB if Marcus wasn't in it!!! Try to erase him in it and it would be a great shot! Hope you are well and you look great!!! =)