Wednesday, January 11, 2012

OOOh the boys!

Life has gotten busy!  The boys are getting big, and they are constantly moving.  I chase boys all day long, while they giggle think it is funny and crawl the other direction.  I have the whole front of our home baby proof, absolutely nothing they could get into that would hurt them or that I care about!  It is a baby paradise!  We wake up put up the gate and off we go.  The boys continue to be so sweet, and their love for each other grows each day.  I was busy in the kitchen the other day, realized I needed to go play with the boys because soon it would be their nap.  Did they need me, NO!  They were busy chasing each other around, pausing at a toy, picking it up hitting each other with it, giggling, stealing it, hitting the other with it, dropping it and chasing each other.  This goes on and on and on!  It is so precious.  They sit chat and giggle with each other while they eat and it melts my heart.
The boys will soon be 10 months, so 9 months has come and gone.  But..

- working on walking, they walk along every piece of furniture in the house.  In the meantime man can these babies crawl, they are soooo fast!  They sometimes get going so fast their arms get stuck under them and they face plant, I laugh every time!

- Mavs has 6 teeth working on 7 (3 on top working on the 4th on bottom)
   Brooks had 2 up until 2 weeks ago and now has 5!  We had a miserable week while he worked on cutting 3 top teeth at the same time, poor baby!  He now has 2 on bottom and 3 up top.  I love their teethy grins!

-  Eating anything and everything, no longer big fans of the soft stuff, so finger foods and mess it is

-  working on sippy cups; Brooks loves his, Mavs doesn't get it(poor kid)!

  Brooks continues to be a very happy guy.  He smiles all day long and when he pouts his lips curl down and he says, "mama, mama, mama"  in a very dramatic sad tone.  He is working very hard on talking and says dada and many other sounds.  His mouth is always moving.  This baby loves sleeping with his mama.  We got in the habit when we had the 3 teeth cutting week of just pulling him into bed with us.  He likes it, I like it.  He is not doing it anymore, but when I do pull him into bed in the mornings he cuddles right up and falls asleep.  A few long nights of him realizing he can,t sleep with us every night!  Brooks has started bopping up and down to music as soon as it starts, he gets serious and starts bobbing up and down, so cute!  Is not a huge fan of naps but still takes them, with the occasional fight!  He loves books, not sure why, but that is what he wants to play with and hold.  He also likes it when I read, but mostly just likes to sit and hold them!

 Mavs is an intense guy and is super goofy.  He makes weird sounds, does weird movements and makes me laugh.  He is the mama's boy, if he could be with me all day long he would.   He doesn't transition well from naps, he needs some cuddle time before he can play, but the boy sleeps like a rock at night and during naps!  I always thought it would be the other way around.  I am very thankful for one that sleeps really well!  Mavs can be shy burying his head in my shoulder and smiling and it melts my heart.  He loves to cuddle and loves to chew on everything, EVERYTHING!  he reminds me of a puppy always with something in his mouth.  My little Mavs is a character and likes to be heard, you will always know where he is at, unless he is getting into something he shouldn't, then silence!

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