Saturday, August 13, 2011

Times going too fast...

The boys will be 5 months this coming Friday, and I am in disbelief!  I still play back in my head going into labor and having the boys by the next morning!  I still think about all the fears and questions I had (still have) about the future and what being a mom would look like.  These boys have rocked my world, nothing is the same!  Some days I could not be more thrilled to be a mom of twin boys, the next I feel completely unequipped and no clue how to keep myself from drowning.  Most days I just want to cuddle, play and chat with my two little monkey... but the next day consists of me rejoicing in their naps and alone time.  I have been blessed with the most amazing husband and dad to my boys.  People said that if anyone could handle having twins it would be Andy and I.  I have decided if anyone could handle twins it is Andy.  Not only is he an amazing dad, holding, rocking, getting up at night with them, feeding them, changing diapers... but he is an amazing husband!  He gives me breaks, keeps me sane, is patient with the boys and my crazy antics!  I am so blessed!  So I continue today, getting up to go for a run, because daddy doesn't have to be at work at 7.  So I continue trusting that the Lord will give me strength and patience when I have 2 boys screaming and only one set of arms.So I continue to try and cherish the moments I have will my sweet babies because time is already going to fast.

New Bob Stroller I got for $45 on craigslist, Praise the Lord

Transitioning the boys out of being swaddled and the last night in the same crib!



This week has been a week of firsts!  Transition out of being swaddled at night, afternoon nap schedule, and being in different cribs at night!  So far so good!  The boys both slept for 2+ hrs yesterday afternoon!

My friend Julie, who discipled me through our church, was blessed with adopting twin girls 6 weeks ago Zoe and Alathea! Yesterday was their first double date so sweet!  Oh and Brooks eating Mavs arm!

Brooks licking brothers head


Katie Willard said...

I LOVE the stroller picture!! How precious! We have that same Bob (as far as color, etc) but not the double. I absolutely love it. You are doing a fantastic job Sarah, I totally admire you. Keep up the good work mamma. :)

Ashley said...

I can't believe you found a Bob double stroller for $45. So jealous :) Love that you are blogging so much now. It is fun to see how the boys are growing. I can't wait for a play date with Owen and the Twins. I know they will be good buds.

Todds said...

Ya I was super stoked about the stroller!! I couldn't believe it either I just about sprinted to the ladies house, then got nervous that I read the post wrong!! And it was like 450 or 145! haha! Thanks for the encouragement Katie! It is much needd most days! Love you Ash, I can not wait for a play date either!