Monday, August 1, 2011

Late... 4 month old

11lb 7 oz
23 1/2 in.
44 cm head
What a sweet sweet boy! This little boy knows how to love and looks into your soul. He can't get enough of his mommy and would be held all day if possible. As it turns out though he is also really good at making himself known. We used to tease him that he did not know how to commit when he cried. Well he took us seriously, the boy knows how to commit and is the master at letting us know he is upset. He does not get upset a lot but when he does boy howdy! He has a sweet voice, loves to tell "stories", "sings" with me, and giggles when daddy kisses him. He still has that killer smile, gives you the most adoring looks, loves to suck on his brothers arms and hands (today Mavs head got the privilege of being licked by the Brooks), hates to sleep during the day but sleeps like a log at

11lbs 8oz( past up Brooks)
22 3/4 in (shorter still)
42 cm head
A funny funny guy! Never ceases to make me smile with all the goofy things he does. He screams with excitement when he sees his brother and he screams with excitement whenever he pleases! He is our talker, and loves to just sit and talk back and forth. I thought Mavs was gonna be a really hard baby, but he proved to be really good at entertaining himself with his hands and feet and wrestling with his monkey blanket. He seems to reach each milestone a little quicker than Brooks but Brooks is never far behind. He uses so much energy when he is awake during the day, his naps work like clock work. At the same time he usually wakes a few times through out the night but usually goes back to sleep.

Professional bubble blower

Swimming in the irrigation ditch near the pear orchards

The explosion surprise from a little naked bum
of the Mavs for his mama!
The poo went up my legs and up my stomach!

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