Friday, August 5, 2011

4th of July and Camping

The boys loved the fireworks, they just stared at the sky...then started to get bored! What can you do?  We had an amazing time camping and the boys did great.  They slept through the night, hung out by the campfire, took a nap on the beach,  and even camped in the rain. They didn’t even mind going to the bathroom in the great outdoors what troopers!  They  didn’t complain about the fishy smell that came from daddy and uncle zekes smoked smelt, what inventive guys! DSC07526 DSC07542DSC07528DSC07499  DSC07618  DSC07622  DSC07646  DSC07744DSC07753The boys have gotten so big, we are looking to put them in separate cribs, because Mavs moves so much at night and we often find him kicking his brother in the head!  They have also learned to hold their own bottles, with a little assistance, what big boys!

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