Monday, December 15, 2008

One year, still kicking and loving it....

Andy and I celebrated our one year anniversary this last week, Tuesday and it was amazing to think of all the things we have learned in just one year. It was weird to think this last tuesday that what we were doing a year ago was getting married then we where like... we were eating right now at our wedding a year ago... we where dancing right now a year ago... we where in Mazatlan this time a year ago! So much fun I have the most amazing husband ever! I think back on this last year and I am just happy, he is the most patient man I have ever met and for that reason alone I know that God knew what he was doing when he brought us together! God is teaching us alot right now about making sure that He is a priority, and spending that time in the Word together and praying together... wow does it change things. Andy and I where blessed with going to Tahoe for our anniversary, his aunt let us stay in a room she has up there and we were so excited to snowboard, and low and behold there was no snow. For Andys birthday/christmas/ anniversay, Andy was given a new snowboard and a new snowboard jacket from my parents, his parents and myself. It is one of the best boards you can buy and he is so stoked to ride... so when there was no snow he was very sad! We had a blast anyways... played slots and won money that payed for 2 nights worth of dinner... and hiked around and enjoyed just doing nothing! How blessed I am to have such a fabulous husband!

Andy's new snowboard!

This is at Emerald Bay, we had so much fun hiking around and taking pictures in the freezing cold!

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Luke said...

radically awesome!!

the snowboard is cool too.