Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Update on Life

Andy and I got married this last December, and after taking a month of work for honeymoon, Christmas, New Years and family festivities, we found ourselves back in Salem, Oregon. Andy and I had taken quite some time figuring out if we wanted to move to California to be near his family right away but we decided that it was to much change to fast. I went back to Nehemiahs and Starbucks and Andy started looking for a job besides the Wild Pear. Troy Skeen my boss at Nehemiahs Ranch for Youth (www.ranchforyouth.com) offered Andy a job doing odd jobs and working with the kids. Andy and I jumped at the chance to be working together and that is what we did until this last June. We decided in march and shared with Nehemiahs in April and moved down to Santa Rosa, CA in June. It has been a crazy roller coaster for the last 2 or 3 months but I am genuinely loving it down here. Andy was able to start working the day after we moved into our cute little condo, we were extremely blessed with Andy's job, he works for a great company of Christian guys doing remodeling. He is really loving all that he is learning but comes home pretty tired at night, but we all know Andy nothing keeps him down. He is playing on 2 softball teams and basketball some nights, while supporting me playing softball and friends staying with us every weekend. I have been loving being down here particularly because some of my closest friends are down here with me, Tosha and Mandy are working out at Mt Gilead for the summer but in a few weeks they will be leaving and well see if reality sets in. It has been amazing getting to know Andy's family better and better and thankful that Bekah and Zeke are home for the summer and excited for when Luke and Shelby get back from Europe. I just started working again last week. I decided to work for Starbucks, it is something familiar and you cant go wrong with the benefits for now. I have really enjoyed being back at work and not coming home exhausted and still be able to keep the house in order, and lay by the pool if I want to. I am feeling very relaxed and feel very blessed with where Andy and I are at right now. The down fall is how much I miss the people at Nehemiahs and my family. Andy and I over the years made some dear friends at Nehemiahs and with the demands of their job and us trying to get settled in here we havent being able to stay in contact near as I would like, but hopefully that will change as we continue to get settled. I miss my family alot, but I talk to my sister, mom and dad on the phone regularly and get an occasional crazy talk from my love Autry. I hear Claire is getting big and I cant wait to see them in the beginning of August. Emmie is prego with the 3rd and I wish I could be there more! What else to update on our lives, I got a new bike today, my friends Julie and Noah have been awesome and are letting me borrow their car, but I will soon start riding my bike to work. My husbands so good, got it delivered today and he already has it put together!

Engagement pic by the Ashley MogfordThe Wedding


Playing with family

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